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Make yourself a cup of tea or pour a glass of wine and take a look through these websites.

www.laceguild.org - The Lace Guild 

www.internationalorganizationoflace.org - The International Organisation of Lace

www.theedkins.co.uk - Jo Edkins Lace Website - a fabulous resource for learning lacemaking including free pattern downloads.

www.oidfa.com - The International Bobbin and Needle Lace Organisation

www.ringoftatters.org.uk - The Ring of Tatters

www.snowgooselace.com - Snowgoose Lace - Lacemaking supplier in the USA

www.brandis.com.au - Jenny Brandis - an amazing talent for explaining the anatomy of a pattern and has free pattern downloads and tutorials

www.youtube.com - You Tube - an unending resource for videos for just about every kind of lace and all crafts. Whatever you need to know there will be a You Tube video for it!